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The 3308 models are designed to cut grass, weeds, and up to 2-inches diameter brush. The lift and semi-mount models are available with economical twin beam axles (shown below) or heavy duty cushioned axles (here). The pull and the 3308SH models have only the heavy duty axles. The 3308 models deliver what you would expect from Bush Hog® which are rugged durability and excellent performance of clean cutting without windrows of cut material. The 3308SH has a hydraulic cylinder to offset the cutter 13-inches to the right of the tractor centerline. Extending farther beyond the tractor tires is ideal in orchards or hard to reach areas near ditches. Deep sidebands result in more volume area beneath the deck for extra heavy growth conditions. Bush Hog®—Performance You Can Count On.

Performance Features
  • 8-feet 3-inches Cutting Width
  • Lift, Pull & Semi-Mount Models
  • SH Model Ideal For Orchards
  • Fiber Disc Cross Shafts
  • Heavy Rugged Deck Structure
Construction Features
  • 10-Gauge Deck Construction
  • 7-Gauge Strongbacks
  • 1/4-inch Sidebands
  • Replaceable Wide Skids
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
  • Powder Coat Paint
Product Features
  • 3308SH Model — Also available in a pull model with self leveling tongue and the heavy duty axle (fixed axle arms not casters as shown above), a selection of 20-inches solid laminated tires or used aircraft tires and manual or hydraulic height control.
  • Optional Heavy Duty Axle On Lift & Semi-Mount Models
  • Cross Shaft From Splitter Box To Outboard Gear Box
  • Cutting Width: 8-ft. 3 in.
  • Cutting Capacity: Up to 2 in.
  • Cutting Height: 2 to 13 in.
  • Dimensions (width x length): 8-ft. 10 in. x 7-ft., 11 in. (Lift),12-ft. 9 in. (Pull)
  • Type Hitch: ASAE Cat. 1 & 2 Standard & Quick Hitch
  • Deck Thickness: 10-Gauge
  • Side Bands: 1/4 in. x 12 in.
  • Minimum Tractor HP: 50 PTO (Lift), 40 PTO (Pull)
  • Driveline: ASAE Category 4 with Slip Clutch
  • Cross Shaft: Fiber Disc
  • Gearbox HP: Center, 140, Outboard, 130
  • Tractor PTO Speed: 540 RPM
  • Driveline Protection: 4 Plate PTO Slip Clutch
  • Height Adjustment: Heavy Duty Axle - Manual or Hydraulic
  • Blade Holder(s): Round
  • Blades: 1/2 in. x 4 in. - Uplift
  • Blade Tip Speed: 16,121 FPM/540 RPM
  • Blade Overlap: 5 in.
  • Tires: Laminated, Airplane
  • Axles: Selection: Rigid Twin BeamAxle Bundle or Heavy DutyAxle Bundle with ShockAbsorber on Lift or Semi-Mount; Hvy Duty on Pull Type
  • Deflectors: Combination of Front and Rear Chains and Rear Band
  • Safety Tow Chain: Standard for Pull Model
  • Approximate Weight: 1806-lb.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty with a 5-year gearbox limited warranty
  • Features: Standard Slip Clutch; High Blade Tip Speeds; Deep Sidebands; Quick-Detach Gearbox Shields
Safety Features
  • Safety Tow Chain (Standard on Pull Model)
  • Safety Shields Combination of Front and Rear Chains and Rear Band
Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.



Working Width
8 ft. 3 in.
8 ft. 10 in.
7 ft. 11 in.
1806 lb.
Recommended HP
Lift: 50 hp PTO; Pull: 40 hp PTO